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More random shit


I woke up this morning
Still quite half asleep
You up all in my mind
Dreams I wanted to keep

My heart is but so poor
Yet you keep suffering it more

I ain’t doing nothing in life
just but killing time
I got the bread and the cheese
But I ain’t got the wine

DMOTD: That skirt, AT


Oh woman, you killed me today
that nice style you be rockin’
exemplifies that sweet sweet
beauty that you gots within

how you move that body
and how you bat them eyes
when I comes up to chat
is them 6 minutes I dies

Keep on keepin on



What did I learn from today?
Did I pay enough attention?
Or was I in my own way
caught all up in reflection?

Did I take my sweet time
talking to peoples of today?
Cherishing the experience
in ten different ways?

I got nothing else really
I got nothing at all actually
Except right here and now
And now I have to go pee.

I had a dove, and the sweet dove died


I had a dove, and the sweet dove died,
And I have thought it died of grieving;
O what could it grieve for? Its feet were tied
With a silken thread of my own hand’s weaving:
Sweet little red feet! Why would you die?
Why would you leave me, sweet bird, why?
You liv’d alone on the forest tree,
Why, pretty thing, could you not live with me?
I kiss’d you oft, and gave you white pease;
Why not live sweetly as in the green trees?

– John Keats

Random morning ramblings…


Hurry up Spring!
Why you so slow?
Winter won’t leave
until you make her go!

Bring out the birds
bring out the bees
Start the flowers bloom
if you could please.

The morning air so fresh
Pretty girls hum and sing
kids laugh and playing
Please hurry up, Spring!

Random Scriblings


the reason I can’t get You
out of my head is because
though it’s been broken to get You out
You’re buried too deep within my heart

I woke up today with a burden
heavier than before
there is just too much
that’s now out of control

—- —-

You broke my heart
more than once
A million jagged little pieces
but I still can’t get you out

how deep you have penetrated

You’ve leaked into my head
and now marinate my mind
These thirsty thoughts tastes of you
My future now a constant rewind

i can no longer concentrate

I put my heart in your hands
squeeze it’s juices like warpaint
to decorate your beautiful face and life
as if it were you’re life that i’d taint

you jerk


love you if i may
love you if i might
but you only seem
to want to fight

love you if i can
love you if i could
but is this something
that we both should?

life is too short
shorter than we think
we loved and we lost
in less than a blink

November November


The air this morning, cold and crisp
The grass littered with leaves
I see one falling now
A journeys end it receives

The cool breeze gently blows
the leaf this way and that way
to and fro the leaf does submit
submitting effortlessly to the day



I can’t seem to write anymore
My heart has ended its war
It can’t love like it did before
No matter how much I implore

Where are all the rhymes?
How is this not a crime
All this freaking time
But a personal one of mine

My dream


I want to find a woman in whose heart I can make my home.

When she is hard at work
I wanna be hard at work

Her joys and sorrows
Become mine the same